Patrice Meadows is passionate about purpose. This is because her journey towards her own purpose had been filled with some of life’s most intimidating obstacles. Nevertheless, she defeated her giants one after another, and it was these hardships that birthed a passion in her for helping others to overcome their obstacles. So, in 2018, she launched Commencement, a five-week program designed to educate, encourage, uplift and mentor others in the areas of their giftings. In this program, Mrs. Meadows peeled back the layers of doubt and fear, along with the many excuses, reservations, and insecurities that her students had. What was the result? Many entrepreneurs and authors were birthed in this class alone! Because of Commencement ’18’s success, Patrice decided to bring the program back in 2019, and the success stories were even greater!

What is Commencement? First and foremost, the definition of commencement is “a beginning or a start.” Everything that has a purpose has a beginning; this includes those books that God has planted in you, those invention ideas you have, that business model you’ve been sitting on, or whatever it is that you’ve been wanting to bring to pass. But a dream is just that … a dream. And until it leaves your mind, it has the same measure of power as a false prophecy. In order for that dream to become a reality, it must first become real. How does that happen? It starts with just writing the vision down, and after the vision is written, it has to be built out. This is the purpose of Commencement. This program is designed to get the ideas out of your head or wherever you’ve stored them and to begin the birthing process.

What’s amazing about Commencement is that, even though it’s a five-week program, the majority of the students were able to complete or, at maximum, make major strides in accomplishing goals that they’d put off for years. The revelation, the community and the assignments make Commencement one of today’s most effective programs for ordinary people who want to accomplish extraordinary feats!



This highly anticipated and information-rich book is set to be released on 04/04/2021. The Commencement Manual is a compilation of the lessons that Mrs. Meadows taught during her first two Commencement classes, along with new and fresh information. This manual packs all of the potency of the Commencement Program, and you can take this journey in your own spare time. Howbeit, paired with the program, the Commencement Manual is the perfect tool for pulling out your passions and your purpose!


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